Friday, September 01, 2006

Visit with G's 'Rents

Most of the rest of my parents’ visit centered around making our apartment livable, but we were able to do fun, touristy activities with them as well. We did a driving tour of celebrity homes (See my photos!), and we all did our first Cali-life beach trip to Will Rogers State Beach. We even saw a wild dolphin swimming along surf!

A funny story that day: Jon and I had our towels spread at the top of a sandy “hill”, which dropped down into the sloped beach area. My parents were testing the ocean temperature on the lower part of the beach. Suddenly, we heard my parents yelp and immediately felt ourselves being surrounded by cold water. We leapt up and tried to snatch up as many of our belongings as we could, but everything was already soaked from a rampant wave that splashed up the side of the hill. Because we were the only people affected by the wave, everyone else was smirking at us as we laughed hysterically, but se la vie – we had a funny moment. Unfortunately, my parents’ camera still has not returned from the camera repair shop since their return to Oklahoma on July 31st!

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