Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter... Shhh!!!

Just in case you finish the final Harry Potter book before me (which won't be until after I receive my British copy in a couple weeks - yes, I'm a "Harry-Potter-snob") - PLEASE don't tell me ANYTHING about the book at all! I will let you know when I'm done, upon which I might mourn a little that the series has ended, but then perk up by watching the movies. :)


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jon's Biiiirthday

Of course I can't top everything my amazing husband did for my birthday... But we had a fun, quiet night with just the two of us hanging out after work.

Monday, July 16, 2007


On the Fourth of July, we flew to Maine! Jon noted that it's probably one of the furthest places we could've gone and still been in the U.S. :) It was for good reason, though... Jon's cousin Leslie got married!
The United flights were remarkably on time - and even EARLY - which was a nice change from all our usual American Airlines delays. We were unable to see the tops of any fireworks, unfortunately, as it was too overcast when our flight got into Maine.

We had a great time exploring Freeport (home to L.L.Bean headquarters and LOTS of outlet stores!). Though, bummer for me, I wasn't in a "trying on" mood in the great discounted clothing stores.

Of course we had an official "lobster bake" for the rehearsal dinner - and I actually was able to eviscerate the dead creature without feeling nauseous this time (as opposed to my Boston experience when Mom had to do it for me)!

The wedding was small, beautiful, and comfortable - lots of family and friends who invited us into conversation, even though we had a hard time keeping all their names and relations straight.

Sunday proved exhausting as we made our way back across the country. Our flight left at 6:15am - Maine time - which meant we got up to leave for the airport at 1am - California time. By the time we got home a half-day later, I was delirious (I'm not a good plane-sleeper) and tripping over things in our apartment. Jon, somehow, was fine. Hmpf.

It was refreshing to "get away" for a change - enjoy the pictures here.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


For my birthday, Jon got us tickets to see the musical "Wicked"! We went the weekend after my actual birthday (see the previous post as to why we delayed the date) to the Pantages Theater in downtown L.A. It was so much fun to dress up and go on a fancy date together. :)

The Theater is beautiful inside - with very intricate features on the walls and ceilings. And the auditorium is small enough that even though we were in the balcony, we still felt close to the stage! (Here are a few of my "apparently" - i.e. I found out after-the-fact - illegal pictures taken by my phone of the interior of the Pantages Theater.)
The lobby
The chandelier inside the auditorium

The dragon over the pre-show stage

The music and vocal talent of the cast was INCREDIBLE. I warned Jon that I get choked up when I hear people with amazing voices belt out great songs - I did a couple times during the show. And nothin' against Kristen Chenoweth (who played "Glinda" on Broadway), but Megan Hilty was hysterical in the part - breathy, giggly, and sincerely bubble-headed as she sang and pranced around throughout the show. It was interesting to read in the cast bios how many of them were "happy to be back at home in L.A." - obviously this city harbors a wealth of talent.

Thanks, Jon!!!