Friday, September 01, 2006

Our best TV taping thus far...

Jon and I went to a taping of Twenty Good Years (which is a sitcom with John Lithgow and Jeffrey Tambor that has not yet aired). It was very neat to see the TV-taping process… it was basically like watching the show live with some retakes and mess-ups periodically. The “crowd motivator” (that’s what I’ll choose to call them for lack of the correct title) guy was WAY better than the one at the Craig Ferguson show. In fact, afterwards, Jon and I went up to him to let him know how funny and engaging he was… We told him we’d been to a few tapings – the Late Late Show, etc. – and he has been by far the best audience host we’ve seen. He was like, “funny you should say that… I used to work at the Late Late Show. You guys just made my day.”

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