Friday, September 01, 2006

Our first TV taping...

August 9th: Wednesday was a little disappointing. We went to do a Craig Ferguson (Late Late Show) taping down at CBS studios. We went early to eat lunch first and arrived at 1pm to their parking lot (our instructions said not to arrive any later than 3:30), but the guard told us we weren't allowed to park there until 2. So, after lunch, we drove back over, and even though it was after 2, the new guard told us the lot was full. Good grief. We ended up with plenty of waiting time (at the beginning of the line to get in), and had no problem getting seats in the center of the second row of the studio. The crowd-pumping-up guy had us clapping and screaming like crazy and laughing loudly at stuff that wasn't even funny before the show started. When Craig came out, it was pretty obvious we were giving him good reactions because he kept almost laughing himself. He did his monologue, a quick skit, and an intro to the band... and then said "You were a great audience! It's a short show today, we pre-taped the guests, so thanks for coming." And that was IT. We were only there for 30 minutes, tops, and everyone couldn't believe that we weren't even seeing any of the guests. It was quite a bummer - we all felt used, especially after we'd been so pumped up at the beginning. Talk about underappreciating your audience... tsk tsk Craig.

Later that evening we watched Anna Nalick perform for free in The Grove – we’re all about the free entertainment!

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