Saturday, September 09, 2006

Erin's visit

Some of the touristy highlights of Erin's visit were our two star sightings. While waiting in LAX for Erin's flight to arrive, Jon pointed out Greg Behrendt (author of "He's Just Not That Into You" and now a TV talk show host) at one of the luggage carousels.

Later in the weekend, we were driving through a Beverly Hills neighborhood when a silver BMW convertible pulled up and parked on the opposite side of the narrow street. We looked at the driver, then at each other... "That's Matthew Perry!" He was apparently meeting with someone who came down the sidewalk to greet him. (He was super tan with a bit of a gut and poofy hair, which made him seem very normal and out of context.)

We also looked at the newest print in front of Grauman's we had seen Kevin Costner make on the news a few days earlier. And Erin found her boyfriend's prints there as well. :)

Even though our beach visit was cut short for a free movie screening, Erin enjoyed our favorite spot - Manhattan Beach.

Right before we put her back on the plane to DFW (which ended up being very delayed), we had Erin sample some In-N-Out (the fries, of course).

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RC said...

I don't know how you recognize Greg Behrendt since I don't even know who he is...although that book title sounds vaguely familiar.