Saturday, March 17, 2007

March Update

Well, I admit my blogging is rather inconsistent. However, there are a few notable activities (with pictures) I can share…

A few weeks ago, Jon and I went to our first bonfire on a beach! It was chilly (and the sand was especially cold), but the fire and company diverted our attentions and kept us warm. We went to celebrate Elizabeth’s (our next door neighbor) birthday, so we had s’mores AND cake – mmm…

That same weekend, I went hiking with my yoga buddy/neighbor Allegra. Alright, so we didn’t do as much hiking as taking pretty pictures and playing with snow, but we walked around anyway… It’s hard to believe those views and SNOW are only a short drive north of L.A.! It was such a refreshing morning, and despite the elevation differences, I felt like I could breathe much more clearly in the mountains than back in the city.
On the winding drive back down, one of the many fallen rocks in the road flattened one of Allegra’s car tires, so we pulled over and hopped out to start changing it to her spare. In a funny twist, we blew out right in front of the search-and-rescue patrol. After joking that they’d never seen two young women spring into tire-changing action that quickly before, they then came over to “help.” (This of course meant they changed the tire themselves, which we were perfectly happy to relinquish to them.).

Two weekends ago, we purchased something that we’ve been discussing since last fall… a MacBook for me! We had remaining savings after filing our taxes (we’d saved a large percentage of Jon’s income last year, since he was working for a non-profit and not having taxes taken out), so after some research and discussion, we went to the mall and bought one! It has made things fun for me and easier for Jon – I’m entertained by my new programs**, and Jon has the desk space to himself again for studying (since I can move out of the way with my computer).

**My favorite new programs are the PhotoBooth (you can view our goofy pics here) and one I downloaded called Delicious Library (which allows you to create a virtual library of every book and movie you own by “scanning” their barcodes into the program with the MacBook’s iSight video camera – check it out here).