Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Seen the new Bond movie?

We did last Friday. It was entertaining, though not as good as Casino Royale. I think the difference came from the director change between movies and seemingly-less witty banter. Quantum of Solace is mostly just action sequences with a plot that relies heavily on how much you remember about Casino.

I saw a red-carpet picture today of the "Bond girl" Olga Kurylenko from Quantum, and I didn't believe it was the same person... Judge for yourself:

They made her a different ethnicity!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Secretary of State video reactions

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice seems pleased to be passing off the presidency soon. (It has been a rough several years for her, so I'm not surprised...)

I really respect former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and I appreciate that Powell reiterates that both McCain and Obama said essentially the same thing in their speeches last night: "This is now over. Let's come together. We are all Americans again. Let's pursue a new agenda.... Let's get on with the challenges we are facing and solve those challenges."

I'm excited to be an American during this historic period.