Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Killer Hermit Crab

Those of you who read my husband's blog know about our hermit crabs. Right before we moved, I picked out two new crabs - Tex and Cali - named in honor of the state we were leaving and the one we were moving to. Last week I realized I hadn't seen either of them in awhile... I know they like to bury themselves, but the food and water bowl hadn't changed levels, so I was a tad concerned. I picked up the water bowl, saw one out of its shell, and quickly decided to wait a couple days in case it was shedding its exoskeleton. A few days later, I was more suspicious and lifted the water bowl again...

I was horrified to see the same hermit crab was out of its shell, missing several limbs and starting to mold. Blech! The empty shell belonged to Cali, so I assumed it was her that died... until I looked into Tex's shell and saw a much smaller crab alive inside. Cali killed Tex and stole his shell!!

Jon pointed out the irony of the sticker I'd had on the cage for the past several years... Ha ha!

So now our question is... what does this signify about our living situation? I guess Texas is no longer a place we'll live?
Some friends who we told this story to over the weekend suggested getting 49 other hermit crabs, name them after the other states, and see where we're "destined" to live by who survives!


RC said...

i love this story, it's hillarious.

dericksonbrown said...

Gross Grete! Are you going to get another crab or is Cali destined to be a loner?

andrea said...

How sad to hear about the demise of Tex...but it is amusing.

Did you see the interview with Steve Irwin's wife last night on tv. It was soooo sad. The zoo they've opened seems amazing!