Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A tad dull, perhaps?

I was reading an online article about Tony Blair addressing Parliament in regards to large British troop withdrawals from Iraq. Then I noticed the guy behind Blair... so I circled him for your viewing amusement. :)

And, judging from this picture, the "in" tie color for older men seems to be shades of pink.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bioterrorism Safety Signs

Right when Jon was trying to read for class, I found this website and couldn't help but laugh out loud...

If door is closed, karate chop it open.


Here's why it's so important to know your neighbors and keep in regular contact with family and friends: Mummy

Ew! Look at how long he'd been that way...

Parental Visit!

A little more than one week ago, my parents came to visit us! We had a great time at a taping of "Til Death" on Thursday evening (Brad Garrett is 6'8" - I asked him), and we then walked a LOT on Friday and Saturday: around Huntington Gardens (so beautiful!), through Fuller's campus and down to Old Town Pasadena, all over the L.A. Zoo, around Ikea, at the petstore (see our new fish here [coming soon]!)... You can relive their visit here. :) We finished Saturday with some heated games of Cranium and cards. (My dad was untouchable in our last card game - we were all SO far below him in points.)

On Sunday after church (and a quick Souplantation lunch), we dropped them back off at LAX. I was doing fine until my mom was like, "Well, I guess we won't see you again until August..." I wish California living was cheaper - I want all our family nearby in this exciting place with amazing weather!