Friday, September 01, 2006

Grete's 15 seconds

August 10th: Thursday was a great improvement in our TV tapings. We not only got excellent seats at "America's Got Talent" (because of some friends we made in line who pulled us up with them), but we also made it on live TV multiple times! Jon's aunt left him a message as we were leaving (since it aired live in Central Time)... "Hi Jon. We were watching America's Got Talent, and we thought we saw a girl that looked like Grete. And then they showed her again, and it WAS Grete. So I don't know if you're there, but Grete is." :) They had taped my perplexed reaction to the stripping jugglers. (We taped it later when it aired in Pacific time.) We saw Regis (he walked up our row within inches of me - he looks exactly the same as on TV, but maybe a little older with lots of makeup), Brandy, and David Hasselhoff (who is a very huge man with a hairstylist that sprays up the front of his hair during every break - that was pretty funny).

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