Sunday, October 01, 2006

Great Day at the Zoo!!

Today I came in contact with a woman who I have admired from afar for years. I've read her books, learned about her life story and research, and appreciated all that she's doing for international conservation and education (with an emphasis on chimpanzees)...

I got to see Jane Goodall!

I am currently volunteering at the Zoo in Los Angeles, and when I heard Jane was coming to the zoo for a conference (Chimpanzoo), I knew I had to pull some strings and get myself there. I went into the animal care office this morning at 6:45am and latched onto some ape keepers, who were all very involved in the conference activities. Not only did I get a free breakfast, I also got to see Jane Goodall a few feet from me, speaking in front of the chimp exhibit. (She did her signature chimp calls, too, for whoever is familiar with her.) Ah! It was too cool. She looks and acts exactly like you'd expect - gentle, patient, happy, and very passionate about her causes.

(Robert Wagner was also at the breakfast, if you are familiar with the actor. The first thing that comes to mind is his role as the Dr. Evil-cronie with the eye patch. I borrowed an extra chair from his little table, then after sitting back with the keepers realized that I recognized him. Ha)


RC said...

how awesome...what a dream come true.

Los Angeles seems like a place you could make yourself at home...what amazing opportunities you've already been able to have.


dericksonbrown said...

RC...stop putting ideas in their heads!!! California is TOO far away from both potential grandmas!
They are getting this out of their systems and moving closer to Oklahoma and Texas!!! WE MISS THEM!
Grete, this is very cool that you got to see Jane. I think it is also cool that you had "strings" to pull to get to see her! Love you.

RC said...

yikes, my bad. :-)