Saturday, October 21, 2006

Eventful Saturday

This afternoon into this evening, Jon and I had a Grete-craved [note me eating a delicious breadstick] meal at Fazoli's (30 minutes into our trip to Temecula is the nearest one), then joined Ryan at the c28 events at the Temecula Mall.

It was neat to see the environment he'll be working in once he and Kim move to Florida, and the band Thousand Foot Krutch was particularly interesting to see perform. While you couldn't really hear what the main singer was saying during the songs (the CDs make up for that), what he shared in between songs was a very relevant message to people in a sub-culture I don't always "get".

We topped off the day with a stop at Ben & Jerry's, then drove an hour and a half back to Pasadena.


Jon said...

Who is that in front of the Ben and Jerry's sign? It looks like an ice cream stalker!!

dericksonbrown said...

It me...I stalk ALL ice cream stores.

RC said...

how cool, i'm glad you had fun...saw a free show, had fazolli's and ben n' jerries.

There were 1100 people that came that accepted Christ at the concert when they did an invitation towards the end of seventh day slumber portion of the concert.

Kimberly Ann said...

fun pictures grete! i think your one of ryan and jon even ended up on ryan's facebook page... you're a famous photographer now ;-)

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