Monday, June 30, 2008

Pictoral updates

Poor, widdle stagnant blog. You've been verwy, verwy neglected recently. No new postie-wosties! Hopefully adding some travelling updates with pictures and links will suffice for now... :)

Jon and I took a weekend trip to Las Vegas.
We had a Spring Cleaning day with our Cornerstone neighbors.

I went to Oklahoma for my brother's OU graduation!

Per my previous post about a multitude of Fall pregnancy announcements, I've recently been attending baby showers.
Our "big" vacation was going on a cruise with a few other couples from college. It was SO relaxing to just hang out and be fed every three hours. :)
Upon our return, we had a beach bonfire with our church small group.
And last Saturday, for my birthday, we went to Disneyland!

We will move to Azusa, and Jon starts his new job!

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