Monday, June 02, 2008

Holidays, Every Day

In honor of "National Leave Work Early Day", I left a whole 4 minutes early from work. I wanted to go earlier when I first heard the Day announced on the radio at lunch, but my husband encouraged me to be a "good employee." Pffft! So I stayed.

In confirming the radio's announcement, I also found that today (June 2nd) celebrates National Bubba Day and Yell 'Fudge' at Cobras in North America Day (<--if you live north of the Panama Canal). Didn't you know cobras gag at the thought of fudge? Duh.

I know I'm looking forward to July 27th when it is Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day ("because your houseplants will become healthier from knowing their environment"). And I'm certain my mom has been eagerly anticipating August 13th: Middle Children's Day. (I think Jan Brady made up this one.)

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db said...

August 13th, huh? Do I get presents? :)