Monday, November 19, 2007


Last Sunday, my friend Stacey and I attended the American Music Awards! Did you see us? Unlike my seatfiller stints at the SAG Awards and TV Land Awards, this time we were in the red carpet bleachers and then regular "attendees" at the show. Much less work for a whole lot of fun!
It was incredible seeing so many big-name performers at one show... and they were all pretty amazing to hear. (If you watched the show on TV or online, the sound quality doesn't equal how full and LOUD everything was in person.)

I had a few favorite moments at the show: On the red carpet, Josh Groban was smiling and waving to us, and then he mouthed a cheesy line, "You raise me up." Ha! Another favorite moment was watching Sugarland do a bluegrass version of "Irreplaceable"... and then have Beyonce join them onstage to sing! You can watch that here.

Jonas Brothers. Heard of them? Apparently every girl under the age of 15 years old has. The boys themselves range in age from 14 to 17 years old, so they all looked REALLY young. They also struck me as VERY full of themselves pleased to have such obsessed adoring fans. With all the hype they were getting from squealing female fans, I was really interested to see their performance... Which leads me to a clip of another favorite part of the night: Joe Jonas falling at the beginning of their song. Jimmy Kimmel (the host) even cracked a joke about it when the performance was over.

As I did for the SAG Awards, I created a list of everyone I saw during the experience. My other favorite performances were the singing and orchestration of Rihanna & Ne-Yo and the dancing of Chris Brown & T-Pain.

Yay for L.A. entertainment opportunities!

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