Monday, January 29, 2007

Our SAG Experience!

Jon and I rushed home after church, quickly changed our clothes into "SAG worthy" attire, shoved in a sandwich, and drove over to the Shrine Auditorium for the Screen Actors' Guild Awards. We arrived at the USC parking garage at 1:45pm, checked in, then waited with the gathering seatfiller crowd. They herded us onto shuttles after a 45-minute wait, then had us stand in a line outside the Auditorium for 30 more minutes. Then, slowly, we proceeded through the metal detectors and up a back staircase to a seat-less holding area above the main auditorium. We could peer through the curtains to look down at the fancy tables and lights being set up for the high profile guests. We waited (standing) for almost an hour and a half longer.

At 4:30, we were again queued up and led down to the main floor, where we lined the walls on the two sides of the auditorium. On our way, we passed Jenna Fischer, Marg Helgenberger, Sandra Oh, and Vanessa Williams. (So exciting!)
From our walls, we could see everything: The television and movie actors bustling in and out of their tables, greeting each other, walking by us to go to the bar, and the video crew making finishing setups on stage.

Jon and I whispered back and forth: "There's Steve Carell! There's Kevin Dillon. There's Joshua Jackson. There's Heather Graham. There's Leonardo Dicaprio!" It was crazy to be there, attending the show (from the sides) with the actors and actresses who paid $1000 per ticket to be there.

Slowly, our fellow seatfillers began to filter in and out of the seats on the main floor. When someone with a headset directed you to a table, you booked it over there, plopped into a seat, mentally noted who you were sitting at a table with, then hopped out as soon as the seat owner tapped you on the shoulder (or looked confused). The process then began again from the sides(unless a nearby seat was also empty, which you could then rush over to).

It was so exciting! You won't believe everyone we saw and sat with there: See my SAG Spottings.

We love L.A.!!!


RC said...

Grete, that's phenomonal. And i love your list of people you saw, sat with, sat in there seats, and talked with...

to think you sat in abigail breslin's seat and emilio estevez said "hi"

dericksonbrown said...

CONGRATULATIONS ON ANNIVERSARY NUMBER 2!!! SOrry I didn't get a card in the mail. We will take you out in honor of it when we see you in two weeks! XXOO

mbsampson said...

Your description of the SAG awards made me feel like I was there. . . .and I'm so happy you two had a great anniversary weekend. Love to both of you!

andrea said...

GRETE!!! That is so cool. Guess with all that fun you're not homesick. That list was so long. How fun...i'm telling everyone around me about it.

Dale said...

Quite an evening for you and what a list! I popped over here from RC's blog.