Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mystery Passenger

Ya know when you kinda recognize someone, but can't quite place where you've seen them before? Jon and I both felt that way when we saw this guy on our flight from Dallas back to Burbank after Thanksgiving. He definitely had the actor "look." Finally, at the luggage carousel on the end of the flight, I remembered. He's the slimy fraternity boyfriend on the television show "Greek". We only saw two episodes of it on the main cable channels (via our antenna) before they switched it to the ABC-Family channel. [It was "okay" from what I remember.]

I'm guessing he's rarely blogged about, so Jake McDorman, here ya go. Yes, we were the couple on your plane trip who kept sneaking glances at you and then whispering with puzzled expressions.

[The picture on the left is the one Jon took on his cameraphone, and the one on the right is his imdb profile pic.]


RC said...

good job grete! LA and airports were made for your celebrity sightings.

thanks for including thep pics.

Anthony said...

Is there a celebrity you have NOT seen?