Saturday, August 11, 2007

When I got home yesterday evening...

My Friday was pretty ho-hum yesterday. Jon and I had argued before I left for work in the morning, and then again at lunch. When I came home at 5, though, things were different. We apologized, I cried a little from relief, and then I noticed these on the table. "Those are the first apology flowers you've ever given me!" I was pleased. :)

Then I noticed a large box that had been delivered. Worried that I'd ordered something that I couldn't remember, I began opening the box. Inside was a milkshake maker... Very cool, but did I really order this? I pulled out the packing list - "Happy Belated Birthday, Miss Grete!" it read, "Love, Sarah." What a great gift from my awesome cousin! Of course I made a pre-dinner milkshake right away.

After our dinner of waffles and omeletes (yum!), Jon and I walked down to the Paseo Colorado where their outdoor summer swing dancing had begun. Our friends Dave & Krissy and David & Maria waved us over to the dance area. We'd missed the lesson, but joined in with the basic swing step... over and over. (We decided we'd need to learn more before doing it again soon.) After strolling down the street and garnering free gelato from guys offering them outside their store, we ended up at the Pasadena City Hall. We chatted, walked some more, and then parted ways.

To top it off, I slept really well last night on our amazing new mattress.

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