Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ah... Vacation

Last week was refreshing. We spent Tuesday to Sunday on the Oregon coast - in a beach house with 14 family members! It was nice not to have a schedule and to be with people who really "know" us - people with whom we can have a "bad day", but who know that's not really us all the time.
We've realized that this past year, while exciting and new, has been stressful with relationships. Because we're trying to get to know so many people, the ends of our evenings sometimes feel like "do you think they liked us?" and "do you think what I said sounded stupid?" rather than being assured that "of course they like us, they've known us forever!" Ya know?

Anyway, it was a great week of seeing wildlife, playing games, watching sunsets, eating GOOD food, and getting big hugs from loved ones. Here is a quick pictorial review (for the rest, go here):


Dave Kludt said...

the picture with the kite is sweet! Glad you guys had a good time, can't wait to catch up.

db said...

IT was a wonderful trip...your photos turned out great...particularly like the contorted face photos!! THanks for posting these. XXOO MOM

Kimberly said...

That sounds like an awesome vacation! I love the photos!

Kristen said...

Great pictures!

By the way, we like you. And we have that conversation all the time too. :-)