Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Spring Break Visitors

I miss having school vacation times.

Two weeks ago, Jon had no classes because it was his Spring Break. Fortunately, his mom and brother came to entertain him while I continued working… I was able to take off on Friday, though, so we all had plenty of time to hang out!

We ate very heartily while they were here, but we burned it off on our long hiking at Griffith Park and romping around the seaside and art galleries in Laguna Beach. (See all those pictures here.) We also spent time in Old Town Pasadena, at our apartment playing Outburst and with the PhotoBooth program (see those goofy pics here), and even ended up perusing Trader Joe’s and Ikea twice in a few days!

As we started back in our “normal” routine this last Monday, Jon – though back in classes – felt bored without planned outings, meals, and company. Perhaps he should be pursuing a career in the cruise industry instead...? :)

1 comment:

RC said...

yea for a cruise job...

you could have your own boat...how about "the queen sampson"

i would be the big ol' fat chef.