Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lunch Hour

I love it when my husband meets me for lunch on a work day.

Today, after meeting me at my office, Jon and I fueled up the car and drove over to the mall. Why? Because my favorite savings site, wantnot.net, informed me to find the nearest Ben & Jerry's today! Our free ice cream** was delicious (and calorie-free in my mind, since we didn't pay for it).

Our next stop was the large Arcadia County Park down the street from my office. I actually saw a child there for the first time today... Usually the park hosts an assortment of wanderers, cell phone talkers, homeless gatherings, nap-takers, and the occasional lunch couples (i.e. Jon and me). While the child held no interest for us other than the note of his presence, a new duo made an appearance. A woman stood alone by one of the cement picnic tables bellowing bursts of staccato notes. A long distance away from her, we passed a man staring at the street while holding his ear.
"Oh, we've got some odd ones today," I noted.
The woman proceeded to sing more fully (apparently having finished her "warm up") in loud operatic noises. The man continued to stare at the street.

Jon and I continued with our lunch hour, eating and then playing a few rounds of the card game Speed (I won - times three!). As we rose to leave, we noticed the man walking towards the woman and making silent head nods and gestures. He was a vocal coach!

Ah, the park made a little more "sense" again...

**(For those of you who missed the free cone day at Ben & Jerry's, I apologize for not letting you know sooner! I informed my co-workers, though, so it's not like I was totally selfish with my ice cream knowledge...)


db said...

Darn! No Ben and Jerry's close to us anyway! Have to stick with my Edy's light pseudo ice cream!

Kimberly Ann said...

my husband tried to take us to get free ben & jerry's, but they closed down shop early and we missed it, although he had eaten a free cone earlier in the day... :-)

RC said...

the oatmeal cookie ben n' jerry's is by fav.

Anna said...

You know that they had the free Ben and Jerrys here in London, UK as well. Aaaahhh, the comforts of home! :)

Jon said...

I had cookies and cream. Good stuff. And it's exciting to see how happy Grete gets when she's eating ice cream. She starts humming and bouncing a little happy dance :). It's cute.