Sunday, January 28, 2007

Happy Anniversary to us!

To celebrate two years of marriage, Jon and I spent 24 hours in Long Beach. We used credit card rewards points to stay in a cushy hotel, The Westin. On Friday night, we took the free downtown metro over to the P.F. Changs, where we used our gift card (thanks, Ethan!) for a three-course dinner. (Note the cake picture…) On Saturday morning, we used the Westin exercise room and heated pool to get energized for our day. Then we grabbed some apples from the bowls in the hallways for our breakfast (who needs to pay $20/person for continental Westin food?).

It was great weather for walking down to the pier area, where we saw Gordon Ramsey and crew setting up for a “Hell’s Kitchen” segment. (Jon was quick to spot him – isn’t L.A. great?)

We then went to the Long Beach Aquarium, which was nice, if a little crowded. It was the most random schedule of events there that day: Jesse Billauer giving a lecture (he was a great surfer, then had a spinal injury that put him in a wheelchair, and he’s now an activist for the disabled), a VERY loud live band playing in the middle of the building, and two girls performing a dance in wheelchairs to “Holla Back Girl”…

Jon also took some great sealife pictures you can view here.

To end our (too) quick trip, we savored some Cold Stone Creamery treats, again using a gift card (thanks Aunt Leslie!).

Our weekend didn't end there, however... (see next post)

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