Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Moving Day...

An incredibly quick and efficient group of volunteers (David, Anthony, Nghi, Josh, Mary Beth) helped Jon and me pack up our Budget truck in a little less than 2 hours! Pretty impressive considering how much stuff we appeared to have stacked up in our living room that morning (picture coming later). Thanks also goes to the cleaning crew and later help consisting of Ryan, Erin, Brian and Suzanne. We enjoyed seeing Allison, Jessica and Stacey later, too. :)

I must admit, I am a very task-oriented person when faced with "packing and moving" jobs. I think that is the only reason I wasn't boo-hooing all afternoon on the day we packed and left. There were several moments when I got choked up, but I'm not a "cry in public" kind of lady, so the outburst of tears didn't fully occur until our Budget truck started pulling out of the apartment parking lot. (Picture coming later) Then Jon looked over at me from the driver's seat with a shocked expression on his face - I think from the suddenness of my emotions.

Anyway, we miss you all dearly and appreciate how you've continued contacting us this past week, even though we haven't been the best at reciprocating. It will improve whenever we decide what to do about Internet in our apartment. :)

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