Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Conversations Past Our Bedtime

While watching a commercial...

Grete: They make foam in a cup!
Jon: I do that, too.
Grete: Can I do it with you?
Jon: No. It's a personal hobby.


Kimberly said...

I always tell Ryan that conversations like that are "slumber party" conversations :-)

Anthony said...

I imagine Ryan & Kim have "slumber party" conversations all throughout the day.

RC said...

i read this wacky post and see there's two comments...surprised to see i'm the topic of the conversation thread.


i think foam is a funny word...it's one of those fun words that sounds like what it is.

sort of like elbow or catapiller.

erin beth said...

Hey Grete, I just found your blog- its really funny! You crack me up!! This is Erin T. from Fort Worth btw. :)

jon said...

Time for more blog posts!