Thursday, April 10, 2008

Can't resist...

There are a couple things I can rarely pass up:
1) things that are free
2) cookies.

When the two are combined, it's dangerous.
This situation happened for me at work today. There were dozens of remaining cookies from yesterday evening's catered work event, and they all ended up on the counter of the break area. With most food items, this normally would be okay because I only go back there to get water. But cookies were involved today. Lots of them. For free. So every trip for water turned into a cookie break.

Eight cookies later (and by "eight", I mean, eight big-fat-thick-catered cookies), I feel a little sick. I didn't eat lunch because the bazillon-calorie cookies kept me satiated throughout the day.

My name is Grete, and I have a cookie-eating problem.


Erin... L aMoureux de la vie said...

Although I pity your very real problem, this blog made me smile. I pictured you laying on the floor holding your stomach saying "I feel ill" like you did so often in college, usually due to cookies. It made me miss you :)

Kimberly said...

This post should be a reminder to Jon that he should buy stock in Hershey's & Toll House just prior to you getting pregnant :-) :-)

Dawn said...


I am sorry I passed on the addiction...however if it had come while you were in the would be Ho Ho's...I ate hundreds of them while pregnant with you!

Jon said...

I have to admit, the cookies were quite good.

I don't think I could have kept 8 of them in my stomach. You have a gift. You have a gift.