Monday, January 28, 2008

SAG Awards 2008

The SAG Awards have come and gone once again! Like last year, we thoroughly enjoyed our time as seatfillers, and I apparently even had a brief moment on camera when "The Office" won (since I was sitting at their table)! You can read more about it where I'm guest blogging this week. I again compiled a list of everyone I sat with, spoke to, and saw from a distance during the show.

The tributes to Heath Ledger were touching during the ceremony... After the montage of SAG actors/actresses who died this year, you could tell Heath's picture was tacked on quickly to the end, since his death was so recent. The show went to commercial right after that, which, for those of us in the ceremony meant that the lights came up and people were free to mill about. However, at this break, the mood was somber and quiet - few people stood. In a heartfelt speech, Daniel Day-Lewis also dedicated his acting award of the night to Heath.

Did anyone catch the show? I don't know how interesting it is to watch if you're not there, but we had a great time. :)

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