Sunday, October 28, 2007

Guido and Lumpkin

Jon and I joined some Fuller friends to carve pumpkins yesterday. Jon noted that this is our third time as a married couple to carve pumpkins together - crazy! From the below picture, can you guess who carved each pumpkin? The little one is named "Guido" - he's feisty and angry at the other pumpkin, "Lumpkin", who's rather dense and in his way. :)

[You can view our other recent pictures here.]


Anonymous said...

I think Jon made the little one and you made the bigger one

Kimberly said...

I would be cheating if I guessed, because I saw them on your facebook. Although, before I saw the tags, I was wrong.

The pumpkins are very cute. We haven't carved pumpkins since the 1st year we were married, mainly because of Ryan's flavored pumpkin seed experiments that were out of control :-)

AK said...

So cute!