Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A tad dull, perhaps?

I was reading an online article about Tony Blair addressing Parliament in regards to large British troop withdrawals from Iraq. Then I noticed the guy behind Blair... so I circled him for your viewing amusement. :)

And, judging from this picture, the "in" tie color for older men seems to be shades of pink.


RC said...

you are so observant...

long are the days of red and blue ties...enter pink!!!

too bad none of them are wearing pink bow that would be sharp (or at least make us all want Orvelle Redinbocker Popcorn)

That's crazy they put a picture in with that man sleeping.

Kimberly Ann said...

grete, your fans and friends and dying for an update on caLIfe :-)

hope you had a great week and a super duper weekend!

Jon said...

Yeah, it's time for an update. I SAID I was taking a break, but you're only four days shy of a 30 day break yourself!!!