Saturday, November 25, 2006

Cards and Cocoa

Jonathan had the great idea for us to walk to Starbucks tonight (thank you gift card givers!) to get some fresh air. [Let me just say that it's nice to finally feel a new "season" in California. It's been chillier here lately!]

I highly recommend the Starbucks' Peppermint Hot Chocolate and, while sipping it there, a game of Casino or Speed. I enjoyed them all - especially WINNING! :)

1 comment:

RC said...

how fun.

my wife really wanted to go to starbuck's tonight as a matter of fact.

we didn't go...but we did talk a walk to Publix to but icecream for her instead. (i nixed the starbuxs*).

*that mispelling of starbucks was included b/c I had already written a couple x's I thought one more might be was.